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What is "Humbrella Shielding" ?

"Humbrella" is an easy to use and high effective conductive shielding for elimating noise and hum. Initially it was designed for professional application in the workshops of many guitarbuilders, but in the meantime we have also sold many thousand units for privat use.

"Humbrella" was established in 2003 first, and the story of success will go on.........

We are very proud about the features: there are NO solvent and NO toxical ingredients.

Just take a small brush and paint a "Faraday Cage" into your electric guitar or bass. Let the sound of your fingers the only thing you can hear. No more hum produced by telephones, cables, lamps and other electromagnetic interferences.

And the best: "Humbrella" is a cheap trick.....a low cost high value thing. Test it. Get humbrellized……